Neon Poncho


Neon Poncho is a new way to look at the weather so you can quickly figure out what to wear — now and tomorrow. Minimalist, fun, and privacy-focused by design.

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Neon Poncho
Neon Poncho

Remove the complexity

Yeah, I know, the world doesn't need another weather app. But hear me out, because I want to learn SwiftUI. The reality is, most weather apps on the Apple App Store are for power users. Every friend I asked, however, had the same problem; they needed to know what to wear. That's it. Working with this hypothesis, the UX for Neon Poncho set to strip away the fluff and get straight to the point. Hopefully, in a fun way.

My strategy for achieving this was to limit data points, remove all visual elements, and reduce the number of views to a bare minimum. Remove complexity.

Branded a minimalist

In alignment with the user experience, the brand design system is all about less. A lot less. It consists of three primary colors, two theme accents, a few shades of gray, a handful of font weights, and, well, that's it.

The icons use a 2-pixel stroke on a 24-pixel grid. The font is SF Pro Display for larger sizes and SF Pro Text for smaller fonts, almost identical to the Apple Human Interface Guidelines. The end result is an aesthetic that promotes space, calm, clarity, and a little pop of fun.

Neon Poncho
Neon Poncho
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