Neighbor Army


Neighbor Army is an open-source project aimed at helping senior citizens during the Coronavirus pandemic — empowering community volunteers to deliver groceries and other essentials to reduce the risk of unnecessary exposure and lower the curve.

  • UX/UI
  • Product Design

Product Designer


Neighbor Army
Neighbor Army

A design MVP created in a weekend

It all happened very fast. My roommate Mike texted me a link to the project, and I was asked to help come up with a landing page and screens for the different on-boarding processes 24 hours later. The user experience flow needed to be simple and easy to build.

The core engineering team was in a fluid state of product development, trying to figure out how the plane was going to fly as they were building the runway. To accommodate for this, I came up with a few alternate ways the process could go based on the engineering team integrations with Twillio and OnFleet.

Accessible, and memorable

With the time-frame for deployment a matter days rather than weeks, I was also tasked with helping develop a consistent brand system that was aesthetically clean, accessible, and easy to implement. It was essential to elevate accessibility with high contrast colors and font sizes to accommodate the elderly with visual impairment issues.

For the first version of the Styleguide, we landed on Inter for our font, a bright blue for our accent color, a solid button for our primary CTA, and a two-pixel stroke button for our secondary CTA. Each button style has three sizes, large, normal, and small. The iconography was designed on a 24-pixel grid and used a two-pixel stroke. A big shout out goes to Uche for collaborating with me on this.

Neighbor Army
Neighbor Army

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