Weekend Mo — onshot


The Weekend Moonshot is a short film exploring where your mind wanders while driving — The short experiments with color, sound design, and storytelling.

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Weekend Mo — onshot
Weekend Mo — onshot

Let’s experiment

Travel has become one of my best ways to creatively recharge. My itineraries are minimal, often only containing a one-way flight and a couple nights at an Airbnb to figure out my next move. Sometimes I stay in the city, other times I decide to hit the road on an adventure. I like to grab a camera without a plan and experiment - usually in the hope that I learn something new and have the freedom to explore my creativity without limiting the end result.

The Spanish Pyrenees

This road trip to the Spanish Pyrenees from Barcelona was sheer luck, as my travel often is. I was looking for an Airbnb and found a van. Curiosity got the best of me. The project morphed into an exploration of color, VFX, and sound design, melding the idea that we are always daydreaming about an adventure with a moody and dramatic visual vibe.

Inspiration Credit:
Apollo 11

Weekend Mo — onshot
Weekend Mo — onshot
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